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Stanhope, NJ  07874

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What I have to offer --

   Flexible hours, daytime, evening, weekends

   Half-hour free consultation to learn about mediation and how it can benefit you

   Contacts with other professionals who can provide special insight for resolving technical issues (real estate, finance, tax issues, appraisals and more)

   No retainer -- payment is made at each session (cash / check / credit card)

   I work at a timely pace, no rush, no delays

   I may be able to be mobile, to bring the mediation closer to where you are




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NJ Association of Professional Mediators


NJ Judiciary information


Hugh Matlack, Professional Mediator

Member, NJ Association of Professional Mediators

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So, you found me.  Good start.  If you expected a Fancy Dan website, then you will be disappointed.  What you need is a good mediator.  My goal is to help you help yourselves, working through the issues, forming a shared agreement.  On a budget. After going through a divorce myself, I decided to use my mediation training and experience to help others in this unpleasant experience.  For years I have done mediations with large groups, very high conflict.  I am confident I can help you.  Let's get started.

Breaking Good Mediation

General, Family and Divorce Mediation

Matlack Mediation Services LLC

You will also find me on LinkedIn

Father of three adult children (millennials -- I know conflict!)

Stanhope resident for twenty years

Pastor, Stanhope Presbyterian Church (I can work with anyone, trust me)

Volunteer full-member, Stanhope Fire Department

Philosophy instructor, County College of Morris

Chaplain and member volunteer, Stanhope Police Department

Red Knights Motorcycle Club, Chapter 7 (Honda not Harley -- sorry)